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You also have to be aware of the chemical dangers involved when working with batteries. Lead acid batteries contain sulfuric acid, which can do a lot more than just eat holes in your favorite pair of jeans. Batteries are flammable and explosive so always work on and store batteries in a ventilated area. Have plenty of baking soda or other neutralizer readily available in case of a spill. Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and eye protection and have fresh water available in case the electrolyte splashes on your skin or in your eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. You probably don’t want to earn a new nickname like “Sparky” or “French Fry” so please keep open flames and sparks away from batteries. In order to avoid common sparks and arcs, I like to make my final connections at the buss bar or inverter. Also, discharge any body static electricity before working with battery terminals and generally refrain from smoking around batteries.

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