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choiceUntil relatively recently New York State Residents were not able to choose their energy supplier. They were limited by whoever was the utility company responsible for supplying the power to whatever area they were living in.

Today, however, consumers can choose among a large number of ESCOs (Energy Service Companies/Energy Supply Companies) such as IDT Energy and others as their energy supplier.

This choice gives the consumer the option of picking among many companies which are now in competition for customers and are forced to provide the best possible services and prices in order to maintain their competitive advantage.

When researching which company is best for you, remember to look not only for good prices but whether there is an option to buy “green”, that is, to include some of your power sources from renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind or biomass.

In New York City consumers can choose to either continue with Con Ed (Consolidated Edison) as their supplier as well deliverer of power; or they can choose among many ESCOs  for energy supply, including IDT Energy , Direct Energy, Ambit Energy, and many others.

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Insulating your batteries is an important step in battery protection and maintenance and for maximum performance. You may have heard the myth that tells us not to place batteries directly on cement because it will somehow suck the life out of them. This story has been framed to me as if cement has some special osmosis like ability to reach into a battery and magically neutralize the acid or otherwise drain the life out of it. This of course is not true. Actually cement holds moisture and dissipates heat rapidly so that it tends to be kept cool. Like you, batteries don’t want to be cold and miserable. The percentage of rated battery capacity has a direct relationship to temperature in that as battery temperature decreases so does its capacity. Different batteries can vary in their desired temperature but generally try to keep them around 25o Celsius or 77o Fahrenheit. Trojan usually benchmarks at a test condition temperature of 80oF or about 27oC. Also keep the cell-to-cell temperature variance to a minimum, I’ve read +/- 5oF. In other words, don’t allow some batteries to be left out in the cold while others remain warm and toasty. Taking all things into account, an ideal placement for batteries would be in a very well insulated, vented battery box on a southern wall (assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere), inside a warm power shed. If the desired operating temperature of your batteries cannot be met naturally, you’ll either have to compensate for the loss during the system sizing or you can apply space heat a number of efficient ways. Simply put, cold temperatures slow down our electrons when we want them to be warm, happy and excited so insulate your batteries and they’ll surely appreciate it.

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A committee of the U.S. Senate has decided to create a bank under the auspices of the Energy Department to distribute government loans and loan guarantees for projects which promote green energy using advanced technology.

The goal of this initiative is to support technologies that are environmentally friendly which also diversifies the country’s supply of energy and also reduces dangerous carbon emissions.

The Congress will appropriate about $10 billion to this new agency/bank.

The committee is hoping to finish the wording for the energy bill before May 22, the day that the Memorial Day recess begins.

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sunsetNew York State residents can choose from a large list of ESCOs, Energy Supply Companies, including IDT Energy, Green Mountain Energy, ConEdison Solutions and many others.  Among the benefits of this freedom to choose is that the consumer can decide to support the development of green power- renewable energy sources which generate electricity without damaging the environment.

These renewable energy sources include biomass, wind, solar, solid waste, with the majority supplied from hydropower.

For only a slightly higher cost in your electricity bill you will be:
1.    Protecting the environment from the stresses of fossil fuel use.
2.    Diversifying fuel supply which makes the New York’s electric system more reliable and helps stabilize energy prices.
3.    Helping insure that money spent on energy stays in New York since the need for imported fossil fuels is reduced.
4.    Helping to create jobs by encouraging investment in environmentally friendly producers.
5.    Helping to improve air quality which reduces illnesses.
6.    Leaving a cleaner world for our children.

There are many Green Power service providers to choose from in New York State. Get in touch with one of them and begin to make a difference, in our world and the world we bequeath to our children.

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