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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 | Author:

Last December President Obama signed into law the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Re-authorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010.

According to this law taxpayers that own their own homes can get a tax credit if they install energy efficient windows, doors and/or skylights into their homes.

To be eligible to receive the tax benefits the windows, skylights and doors must:

•    Conform to all the Energy Star Program requirements.
•    Be put into the main residence of the taxpayer.
•    Be added to the home before the date of December 31, 2011.

The tax credit is 10% of the cost of the product, not including installation and cannot exceed:

  • $200 for either windows or skylights
  • $500 for doors

IDT Energy recommends taking advantage of these tax credits in order to lower your energy usage during the year and thus saving money on your energy bill.

Thursday, June 09th, 2011 | Author:

Benjamin Franklin

In 1752 Benjamin Franklin proved the idea he had that lightning was just a stream of electrified air. Nowadays this phenomenon is called ‘plasma.’

Next came Michael Faraday, who, in the early 19th century discovered that one could create electricity from a magnet moving inside a coil. Faraday is often called the ‘father of electricity’ and can be credited with creating the first electric motor.

Then, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th huge steps were taken, especially by the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison, who created the very first practical light bulb, literally changing night into day and revolutionizing the way we live as a society and as individuals.

Today electricity is brought into our homes by power providers such as IDT Energy. Companies like IDT Energy and others help us live in comfort and safety at affordable prices and convenience.