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air conditioner in the window of a buildingThe summer reminds us how much we rely on electricity for our well-being. In New York life would be very unpleasant in the summer without our old pal the air conditioner. IDT Energy in New York wants to explore some ways we can continue to stay cool while at the same time maintaining awareness of the amount of electricity our ac’s require and thinking of ways to reduce that energy load.

Believe it or not air conditioning usage throughout the United States accounts for just about 5 per cent of overall energy usage per year. This translates to about 15 billion dollars just to homeowners every year. It is also important to be aware that this also contributes about 140 million tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. In the next two weeks IDT Energy and Affordable Clean Energy will explore ways to reduce the expenditure and the carbon footprint our air conditioners are responsible for.

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