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Tuesday, December 08th, 2009 | Author:

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It’s important to understand what Green Electricity is, and how it can help you to save the environment.  Green Electricity is really two different items.  It can be electricity that comes from an environmentally friendly and renewable location such as wind, hydro, geothermal or solar electric.  It can also be an arrangement between you, the electricity user, and the supplier, such as IDT Energy, who delivers the clean electricity to you.

Some people question if using Green Electricity really makes a difference.  The answer is that it certainly does.  When you sign up with a green supplier, you are telling that supplier that you want more green electricity in your package of electrical consumption.  The more people sign up for Green Electricity, the more the supplier will need to source.  As the customer pool grows and the demand increases, the supplier finds more partnerships with wind farms and other sources.  This means that less non-green power needs to be generated to meet the overall demand.

Each person really can make a difference when they choose to use Green Electricity.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 | Author:

windmillblueskyyellowfieldIn Rockland and Orange Counties, New York, IDT Energy is one of two providers of electricity which is generated by wind and water to consumers who are served by Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc.

The good news is that this green solution is actually coming down in price, making this alternative source for electricity production more attractive to consumers.

It is a sign that renewable energy is becoming a viable alternative to traditional forms of electricity production as business in this sector increases, while the costs goe down.

This is the first time that the green power alternative was actually cheaper than power produced by coal, natural gas, nuclear power or hydro plants.

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The United States House of Representatives passed legislation in early July, 2009 creating an energy standard requiring utilities to acquire at least 15% of their electricity from renewable sources by the year 2020.

The Senate will debate in the fall similar legislation which would create demand for up to 100 GW of new wind capacity by the same year, 2020, if it passes, which is not at all certain.

“That would show that the U.S. has a significant dedication to renewables over the next decade,” says Vic Abate, the head of the renewable energy generation unit at General Electric.

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Sunday, August 02nd, 2009 | Author:

It is projected that the development of wind power projects in 2009 will total less than 6,500 MW, which is about 25% than last year, and that’s according to a “best case” scenario. Although wind turbine manufacturing facilities are still being constructed many suppliers have been laying off workers as demand as flattened.

The wind industry is looking to the government for its salvation. The AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) believes that the United States needs to enact a renewable energy standard forcing utilities to create a minimum amount of their electricity from green and renewable sources.

“Tax credits are good for development but not for building the manufacturing chain long term,” says Kathy Belyeu of AWEA.


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The recent economic downturn has had a stifling effect on the advancement of wind power projects in the second quarter of 2009. According to the American Wind Energy Association, only 1,200 megawatts of new projects were completed in that quarter, as compared to almost 10 GW completed in the previous 12 months. That turns out to be a reduction down to about half the average of completed wind power projects.

Wind power development in the United States has made the U.S. the largest wind market in the world. This fast development was fueled mostly by 30% tax breaks which appealed to big investment banks that have a fondness for tax equity investing deals. Now that the economy is in the pits and many of those banks no longer exist and others are more cautious about their investing despite the tax breaks, the wind industry has taken its share of the economic blows.

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