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One way for one to save on their IDT Energy/utility bills, is to plan ahead.  Building houses with energy-saving gadgets and principles already installed, makes a lot of sense in the long-run.  That is why next month’s grand opening of Cambria and Amberly at Foxboro North in North Salt Lake will show people stylish homes that feature energy-saving devices to reduce utility bills.

The idea of these homes are that they take the stress out of trying to find ways to reduce energy costs because of the actual design.  When one’s home is designed with energy conservation in mind, already a significant chunk of one’s utility bill is slashed.  That is why this is known as “Woodside Homes are Better By Design.”  What they will do is use R-19-rated walls, R-38-rated ceilings and R-30-rated floors in floors above unconditioned space.  As well, installing Low-E vinyl windows are able to more easily control external effects on interior temperatures.  As well, quick-recovery water heaters reduce heating expenses; the use of water-saving plumbing fixtures limit water usage, and efficient air conditioning units and programmable thermostats facilitate the minimization of utility bills.  In other words, everyone saves without feeling it in their homes or quality of life.

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