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California Power Companies are obviously feeling the heat. Grid-tie systems are an extremely attractive option for those looking to go solar. When you take batteries out of a PV system you eliminate a costly component that requires maintenance. In turn, this eliminates the need for charge controllers, a large amount of wiring, disconnects, fuses, etc. This makes the cost associated with going solar plumet to a much more manageable level making solar financially available for most people. When we “do the math” on grid tied systems, we usually find very near term investment returns with the Net Metering laws on the books. For those of you that don’t know, grid tie systems offset our power consumption by spinning our meters backward whenever there is surplus power from our panels. In Net-metering states, California for example, the kW’s we send back into the grid are worth the same as the kW’s coming in. The power companies are trying to tax our use of the grid to bring the price they pay us for our power down to their “avoided cost,” the price they pay for power, instead of what they resell it to us for. This would negate the whole purpose of Net Metering and is only a ploy from electric companies to maintain their pollutive monopoly. The verdict is in, CPUC Rules Against Solar Tax! This is obviously a huge win for renewables. Visit SEIA

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