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In terms of saving energy, it is best to educate our children as young as possible.  If they understand how much money can be saved from an early age, then things are likely to change and they themselves will engage in acts that will save energy.  Everyone wants lower utility bills. No matter how great your utility service is – IDT Energy or any of the others – you are always looking for ways to pay less.  So what steps were taken recently in Farmington to achieve this?

Joining forces with Ameresco Inc., Farmington is seeking to develop energy- and water-saving measures at various schools and municipal buildings.  The energy audit that was conducted last year, resulted in a $3.3m contract to cover the cost of energy-saving projects at 22 school and municipal buildings. What’s great is that it won’t cost Farmington anything.  But the result will be an improvement of the energy efficiency of the buildings and a reduction in greenhouse emissions and gas. That has to be good news for IDT Energy and other utility service customers.



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