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Efficient energy use is a great way to cut back on the monthly bill. The washing machine and dryer are both responsible for the loss of a large amount of energy- often more than is necessary.

While doing the laundry, one should always make sure to run a full load. Otherwise, extra water and energy are used. If you notice that you rarely fill the machine, you may want to consider switching it for a smaller one. And in general, if a new machine is in the budget, look for one that is Energy Star certified.
Run the wash with cold water whenever you can. Up to 75% of the energy used in a washing machine goes to heating the water.
For drying clothes, try using a clothesline during the summer. If that’s not your cup of tea, efficient use of your dryer can also help you cut back on energy costs. First, dry fabrics of similar weight together, but don’t combine many different types, as each will dry at a different pace. For example, do not dry your towels along with lightweight sheets or t-shirts. Also, if you shop for a new dryer, look for one with a moisture sensor that will shut off automatically once the clothes are dry.
There are many other ways to easily lower your energy bill. For advice and additional information, try contacting your electric company, like IDT Energy.

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