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IDT Energy supplies two types of power to consumers, electricity and natural gas. We all know where electricity comes from, more or less. Everyone knows that some type of power plant or other source of manufacture of electricity is necessary, whether it is a hydroelectric power plant, a power station using fossil fuels, or even a solar panel on the roof. But the source of natural gas is much more of a mystery to many people.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but it is clean burning and releases fewer byproducts which have potentially harmful effects into the air. When burned natural gas gives off a large amount of energy in a generally clean and safe way.

Natural gas is usually found underground in pockets which have trapped the gas as it rose through the layers of rock. To get to the gas a hole is drilled through hard rock until the porous oil and gas rich sediment is reached. At this point it can be extracted from the ground.  In the future IDT Energy will discuss the process of bringing the natural gas from the wellhead to the cooking burner on your stove top.

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