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One question that people often ask when they are evaluating their energy costs and home improvement ideas is whether or not they should purchase a storm door.  Storm doors are great investments if your existing door is old but still in good condition.  For newer, insulated doors, however, they are usually not worth the expense since they won’t actually help you to save more energy.

If your exterior door already gets a few hours of direct sunlight a day, don’t add a glass storm door.  This will trap too much heat against the entry door and could damage it.  High quality storm doors use low-emissivity glass or glazing.  These doors, in general, are made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass or wood, with the wood storm doors requiring the most maintenance.  Many metal-framed storm doors have foam insulation within their frames.

Another option if you are considering purchasing a storm door is to purchase insulated drapes instead.  This is particularly useful for patio doors.

Certainly, these are important considerations to help with your home energy costs.  Find out about other ways to save by switching suppliers to IDT Energy or another company and by reading up on other home improvement ideas.

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