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Thursday, May 20th, 2010 | Author:

Many companies offer customers ways to “Buy Green Energy” and to help the environment. What this means is that you would be using electricity that comes from renewable and natural sources and that doesn’t harm the environment.  Such energy sources would include wind, running water, the sun and more.  Should you want to switch to Green Energy, you won’t notice any service interruptions or complications.

While it costs a small amount more to use renewable energy sources than it does to use fossil fuels, it creates a large environmental impact. On average, green energy will increase the monthly bill by about $4-$7 per person.  However, as an example, it could avoid contributing as much as 633 pounds of CO2 into the air in a given month. This is approximately what a car produces in 703 miles of driving.

Green energy available through most energy companies allows you to feel good about yourself, while helping the environment.  And all of this is done with only the slightest financial sacrifice, creating a worthwhile choice for many.