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IDT Energy: Natural Gas is Safe and Clean

IDT Energy: Natural Gas is Safe and Clean

Along with electricity, IDT Energy is one of New York’s main suppliers of natural gas.

Natural gas is a commonly misunderstood form of energy that we are all familiar with but really know very little about. For instance, even though the stuff we put in our cars is called “gas” and the stuff we cook with on our gas stove tops is also called “gas” these are two very different chemicals. We also use “gas” barbecues, but that gas is propane, a part of natural gas, but not the natural gas itself.

Natural gas is often placed together in the same category as other fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum and other sources of energy, but don’t let that categorization fool you. Natural gas is a unique energy source which is one of the cleanest and safest fuels around.

Natural gas can be characterized as boring: it is colorless and odorless, but it is highly combustible.  When it is burned it emits a small amount of emissions, especially compared to the amount of energy it supplies.

Before refining natural gas is a combination of many gasses:

•    Methane: 70-90%
•    Ethane, Propane, Butane: 0-20%
•    Carbon Dioxide: 0-8%
•    Oxygen: 0-0.2%
•    Nitrogen: 0-5%
•    Hydrogen sulphide: 0-5%
•    Rare gasses A, He, Ne, Xe: Trace amounts

The natural gas delivered to your home is almost pure methane. Natural gas makes up about 24% of the total energy consumed in the US in the year 2000. Coal accounted for 23%, petroleum products made up 39%, nuclear power 8% and renewable energy made up about 6% of total energy use during that year.

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