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In states that have deregulation, there are many options with regards to energy suppliers.  As you look to select a supplier, whether it’s IDT Energy or another company, you’ll want to keep a number of ideas in consideration.

Ask those that you know to find out which company they use and find out about their satisfaction levels.  Find out how long each company has been in business to see how solid their reputation is.  Learn, as well, about the financial strengths of parents of the suppliers you might consider.  Find out if each company is a public company.

Other ideas include visiting your state’s PUC website and check for the number of complaints against the supplier.  Make sure, as well, to take into consideration the number of customers the company has when looking at the importance of the number of complaints.

You’ll feel more comfortable and confident making a decision about an energy supply company after taking the time to research into your various choices.

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