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Thursday, October 13th, 2011 | Author:

With the sluggish economy still troubling many people in the US, IDT Energy would like to take this opportunity to mention several ways consumers can cut back on their usage of natural gas at home.

•    Keep your gas powered furnace working at its optimum efficiency by either cleaning or replacing the filters once a month. You can also make sure your furnace is working at its peak capacity by keeping it clean and lubricated and correctly adjusted. Making sure your furnace is working its best can help you save up to 5% of your gas bill.

•    Lower the water temperature on your water-heater’s thermostat. The normal setting or 120 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient for almost all uses. (Check the temperature that your dishwasher requires, sometimes dishwashers must be set to higher water temperatures to work properly.) Lowering the temperature on the thermostat can reduce your costs by 7-11%.

•    It might be expensive now, but in the long run replacing your old gas appliances with the newest, most energy efficient appliances will save you lots of money on your energy bill.

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