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According to many electric companies, such as IDT Energy, proper use of your appliances can lower your electricity bill. Commonly used appliances, like ovens or stoves, can consume a lot of power every day, and so it is important to use them correctly. Be sure to use pots that are compatible with the stovetop’s size, and keep them covered at all times while cooking. Be sure to use tops that fit tightly. If you need only to boil water, consider using an electric kettle, and only the required amount of water.

Preheat the oven for a short amount of time or not at all- only baking truly requires this, and use the window to inspect the food while it is in the oven. Every time the door is opened 20% of the heat is lost.  If you plan on using the self-clean feature, use it immediately after use of the oven so that it uses less power.  If you want to reheat food, you may want to do so in a microwave or toaster, as they require much less power than an oven.

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