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Homeowners are responsible for the property around their homes, and it often takes quite a bit of energy to keep the premises looking their best and functioning up to par.

Here are a few easy-to-do ideas from IDT Energy to keep the energy you use on upkeep of your land down to a minimum:

  • Use a broom to sweep away leaves and other debris from your driveway and walkways, instead of housing them down. Using water to flush away dirt is just a waste of loads of water.
  • If you have a small lawn, think about using a manual push mower to cut the grass with. Less noise, less energy, and get some exercise, too.
  • Doesn’t the sound of the leaf blower drive you crazy? Think about using an old-fashioned rake. Less noise, less energy, and more fun.
  • Do you have a security light that you leave on all night? Definitely switch to a compact fluorescent bulb to save tons of electricity and they last longer, too. They also come in yellow so bugs are not attracted.
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